New EdVenture Guide

Facilitate EdVenture Island sessions
  • Secure location and schedule time
  • Post flyers and email staff (Advertise)
  • Keeping record of attendees
  • Intro/Explain how training is designed
  • Check/Verify work being shared with you
  • Have attendees complete survey for PD cert
  • Deliver EdVenture Island Certificates & Tech Badges
  • Support and encourage attendees

EdVenture Guide

Role and Responsibilities

Guide Registration

$10.00 per guide

1-year access

Are you an education leader that trains teachers and staff on Google for Education apps in your school or district?  Does your school or district have a goal of getting more teachers Google Level 1 certified?  With your subscription, you can utilize this fun, engaging, flexible professional development resource that includes website access for your attendees, PD introduction presentation, certificates, and tech badges.  As an EdVenture Guide you will receive a Train-the-Trainer presentation with best practices and be added to the EdVenture Guide directory on the website. 


Above are the responsibilities of the EdVenture Guides, it is important to know that during the PD sessions, teachers are working at their own pace completing the tasks but it will you responsibility to check the work shared with you before issuing their certificate and badge. 


There is an annual fee for EdVenture Guides to use this training resource.  This fee helps fund the many epic journeys occurring on EdVenture Island.  Questions about becoming an EdVenture Island Tour Guide??? submit here.  

** Note Actively Learn Technology Consulting LLC will be on the payment statement **

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